I am an ambitious producer/editor who loves operating a camera, editing video content, sweeting sound, generating motion graphics, and managing digital assets. I am detail-oriented and have a passion for news, digital content, social media and all things fun.

I have 12+ years of experience editing a range of content formats, making creative decisions, and demonstrating aesthetic and technical skill that support the objectives of any business.


Any brand will benefit from my upbeat attitude, expertise in the organizational, artistic, and technical aspects of video editing and motion graphics work, and powerful desire to produce exceptional results on time. I strive to continuously improve and grow myself and the company, and I never rest with "what's worked before." Above all, I am passionate about storytelling and making things look beautiful. 



Marathons – Completed six since 2012. 
Countries Traveled – Japan, Peru, Paraguay, and Mexico.
Really? – I was 28 when I finally learned to drive. I'm 33 now.
Past Life –  Until I turned 15, I wanted to be a broadway actress.
Pix –  Click here to see my photos!
Unrelated Talent – I love to rap.


Visit Europe
Ride a galloping horse on the beach
Go wake boarding
Attend a TED talk
Run the Hawaii Marathon
Bend down and touch my toes
Read all of Haruki Murakami's books